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OriginLab 2017 on Linux/Wine

OriginLab does not officially support running their software on Linux/Wine, however, with a few tricks, it 95% usable – if you can live with 32bit only. The following is an a little more detailed description the AppDB entry on Wine

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Let’s Encrypt + Plesk

Let’s encrypt issues SSL-Certificates for free – meanwhile most Systems trust their CA. Let’s Encrypt features a CLI to request, update and install certificates – which work’s nicely as long as your server’s setup is compatible. A Plesk based setup,

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Updating sparklines in OriginC

Ever wondered how to tell OriginLab to update the sparklines after a custom import-filter (or whatever data-manipulating script) has been called? Well, you can call the “sparklines” X-Function. The documentation is, as usual for OriginC, not the best and calling

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HD TFT vs. VGA-KVM Switch – and Linux

Multiple Computers at the same Keyboard, Video and Mouse – no problem when using a KVM Switch. Unfortunately, mine (DLink DKVM-2KU) does not seem to route the IDx-Pins of the VGA connector correctly, my system was not able to get

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Agilent U1253A with LabView

Agilent’s U-Series Multimeters have the ability to be talked to via an infrared interface (and some of them even feature an OLED display), either through Agilent Keysight’s slightly overpriced USB-To-IR Adapter, or by building your own. If you intent to

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Dropbox on non-supported Linux

When installing Dropbox in a non-supported distro like Mageia, you’l soon encounter the problem, that starting Dropbox upon login to the UI (in this case: KDE) is not that easy. Once you downloaded the Dropbox-Distribution and installed it as described

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LabView 2012 in Mageia 3

So, nachdem nun LabVewi 6.1 auf SL6 gut läuft, sollte auch 2012 auf meinem aktuellen “Arbeitstier” funktionieren. Mageia basiert auf Mandriva, und ist damit ebenfalls RPM-basiert. Nach dem man die LabView 2012-Setup im Linux-Unterordner auf der in HFS+ formatierten Mac/Linux-DVD

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Labview 6.1 auf Scientific Linux 6

Die c’t hat in der Ausgabe 11/2007 Labview 6.1 zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Windows-Version gibt es auf der Heft-CD, Versionen für Linux und Mac (PowerPC) gibt es auf dem FTP-Server von Heise. Labview wird für Linux grundsätzlich nur für RPM-Basierte

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Server 2012 und Remotedesktopdienste – Umbenennen

Nur falls mal jemand vor einem ähnlichen Problem stehen sollte: Wer einen Terminal-Server 2012 umbenennen will, steht vor dem Problem, dass nach dem Umbenennen der Servermanager seinen Dienst verweitert. Im fehlt der alte Servername im Serverpool, der immer noch in

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A guide to comfortable software – unordered list of things that suck

This serves as an uncomplete and highly subjective list of things that should not happen in conjunction with software of any kind. Or, in other words: A guide to non-sucking (as in comfortable) software. And, well- the list is unordered

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