Author: Alex

Freepascal & Lazarus on the RaspberryPi Zero

Start with the Seed-Compiler from The currently active Version is 3.0.4. You can compile a newer version using this one later on, but it’s not necessary (currently). The “official” guides to install FPC + Lazaurs on Linux (and therefore

OriginLab 2017 on Linux/Wine

OriginLab does not officially support running their software on Linux/Wine, however, with a few tricks, it 95% usable – if you can live with 32bit only. The following is an a little more detailed description the AppDB entry on Wine

Elster-Formular mit Mint x64 / Wine

Der kleine ELSTER-Inforoboter (leider keine Elster, sondern ein Roboter) verkündet großmäulig, “ELSTER läuft auch unter Linux“. Für einen kleinen Teil der angebotenen Softwareprodukte dieser Firma mag das stimmen, für ElsterFormular allerdings nicht, zumindest nicht Offline. Mit Wine allerdings läuft es

Updating sparklines in OriginC

Ever wondered how to tell OriginLab to update the sparklines after a custom import-filter (or whatever data-manipulating script) has been called? Well, you can call the “sparklines” X-Function. The documentation is, as usual for OriginC, not the best and calling

HD TFT vs. VGA-KVM Switch – and Linux

Multiple Computers at the same Keyboard, Video and Mouse – no problem when using a KVM Switch. Unfortunately, mine (DLink DKVM-2KU) does not seem to route the IDx-Pins of the VGA connector correctly, my system was not able to get

Agilent U1253A with LabView

Agilent’s U-Series Multimeters have the ability to be talked to via an infrared interface (and some of them even feature an OLED display), either through Agilent Keysight’s slightly overpriced USB-To-IR Adapter, or by building your own. If you intent to

Samba, smb.conf und Zeichensätze

Schon mal den Fehler gemacht, die smb.conf mit einer grafischen Benutzeroberläche zu bearbeiten? Nein? Hier wäre das Resultat: Grund: die GUI (hier DrakSamba, z.B. in Mageia verwendet) verwendete einen anderen Zeichensatz als vorgesehen. Samba und Windows kommen mit Umlauten in

Windows NT 4 in VMWare Player

Manchmal braucht man eben auch alte Krücken noch, in diesem Fall Windows NT4. Glücklicherweise bringt VMWare die nötigen Treiber von Haus aus mit, und Windows NT4 hat die LSI Logic SCSI Treiber auch schon. Windows NT Workstation unterstützt bis zu

Fairphone with or without Google’s Apps

Yep, a brand new Fairphone! One of the probably most notable differences of the “Fairphone OS” to any stock Android is, that it does not include, by default, all these little Google thingies like the Play Store, GMail, the Location

Dropbox on non-supported Linux

When installing Dropbox in a non-supported distro like Mageia, you’l soon encounter the problem, that starting Dropbox upon login to the UI (in this case: KDE) is not that easy. Once you downloaded the Dropbox-Distribution and installed it as described